Monday, November 29, 2010


Winter Quilt Retreat ~ Bryce Canyon Ruby’s Inn
  February 9 - 12, 2011
Surround Yourself With  Possibilities
          Following is a proposed agenda for the Winter Quilt Retreat 2011.  Any changes will be announced at our noon or evening meetings.
EMERGENCY FORMS:   If you have not filled out the form that was emailed to you, please do so, and send it back to be kept on file during the Retreat.    
LODGING:   With the exception of teachers, and their roommates, room reservations were made by each of you individually.   Payments should be made directly to Ruby’s Inn.   
CLASSES and Class fees: Classes start at 8:30 a.m. and 2:00 p.m., except for evening classes, which will begin after the evening programs, about 8:30 p.m.  BE EARLY and SET UP. A map and room assignment will be in your key envelope  and class schedules posted.   The pre-Retreat class times are included.  Kit or pattern fees should be paid to the teacher at the beginning of class. At the Wednesday evening “Meet the Teachers”,  there may be VERY FEW options to get into a space in another class.    Make arrangements with Bonnie after the meeting. SATURDAY CLASS TIME - Begins at 8:00.  PLEASE NOTE  ! ! !   We want to end before 1:00 p.m.
MEALS:     Lunch and dinner is included in your conference registration, beginning with dinner on Wednesday and ending with lunch on Saturday.  Breakfast is on your own.  Meal times for lunch and dinner are 11:30 - 12:30, and  5:00 - 6:30.  **SEE SATURDAY EXCEPTION.  All meals will be eaten in the Restaurant.  You will receive meal tickets for all meals, which you will be required to give to your server at each meal.  Tickets will be in your key envelope.
ALLERGIES:   Some of our participants have severe allergies to perfume, scented lotions or heavily scented hairspray.  This is SERIOUS.   Please do not wear these while at the Retreat.
FIRST AID:   In the case of a serious emergency, there are trained EMT’s at the Inn at all times.  The closest medical facility is 25 minutes away.   BE WELL and BE SAFE.  This includes walking on icy walks or driveways while at the Inn.
LOST AND FOUND ITEMS:    Main Podium - Red Canyon Room A.   Deposit or pick up items here. PLEASE put your name on every single item you bring.
OPEN SEW AREAS:  There is no open space during daytime class hours.  At night you may sew around the pool area, or in one of the small class rooms, if there is not a class in session there.
SHOW and TELL:    Show and Tell will be held EACH evening, prior to the guest speaker, and will be assigned alphabetically by last name. Please bring only one quilt per person. We’d love to see quilts from previous year’s Retreat classes.     WEDNESDAY: A - E      THURSDAY: F - L      FRIDAY: M - Z

* SPECIAL PROGRAMS:  (See time changes)  As is the tradition, we will have a meeting at noon and at night each day of the Retreat. They are in the Red Canyon Room A. Following is a list of these events;
Wednesday 6:45  p.m.   Meet the Teachers and Vendors, Show & Tell A-E,
Thursday  12:30 p.m.     JANICE MICKELSON  - Every fabric has a possibility 
Thursday 6:45  p.m.       TWO PEAS in a POD – Amazing Connie Cawley and Carol Adams    + F - L show and tell.
Friday 12:30  p.m.         FRANCINE BERRETT – Watch what I can do !
Friday 6:45  p.m.           JINA BARNEY - Riley Blake Designs  - How Ideas Become Reality   + M - Z show and tell.
Saturday 11:00 a.m.      Good bye’s - SHORT Class Reports -  THEN LUNCH at 12:00 NOON **

QUILT PICTURES and CUTTING LISTS:  These will be available until the Retreat, and can be viewed at:       You can print out anything that is on the blogspot.     For the cutting instructions, click on the page, and then print it.

VENDORS:    Beginning Wednesday night six vendors will be open. Hours - 8:30 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.    You’ll love shopping at the following vendors:
Marcia’s ~ Richfield,     Village Dry Goods  ~ Brigham City,     Main Street Quilts ~ Hurricane, 
Morgansen’s - Payson,    H & R ~ Panguitch,    Quilter’s Basket Books  ~ Roy
In addition there will be one rotating space which changes daily.   Watch this space for:
WEDNESDAY :  Pioneer Soaps          THURSDAY:  Baker’s Handmade Chocolates    
FRIDAY: Westenskow’s wooden handled tools.   
SHARPENING SERVICES:  Paulo Blaser will be at the Retreat  for sharpening your scissors or knives.   Look for him in the Pool / Stairs Area - where he will pick up your items for sharpening.

QUESTIONS:      Contact Bonnie at (801) 756-7272   (M- F 8:30 - 5:00 please )   
or winterquiltretreat@